Some tips on traveling safer and smarter is a great place for Athens travelers to start with planning their trips. Below is group of tips that will enhance your traveling experience.

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Use an ATM instead of a currency exchange when traveling in Athens. Usually banks and financial institutions are able to offer exchange rates that are better than those available to individuals. You may find significant savings through the course of your trip.

Do not expect an airline to cater to your whims when you are flying. Because of cutbacks, many airlines do not provide pillows, blankets or headphones, so bring your own if you will use them. You should also pack snacks to ensure that you won’t go hungry if you do not like what the airline offers.

Trying getting in a big workout before you board the plane. Long flights are taxing on your body and nerves. In addition, having to sit in one spot for hours can cause your back and legs to severely cramp up. Stretching or doing a quick workout prior to flying can eliminate or lower your risk of getting soreness or leg cramps.

When you are traveling in an airplane, it’s a good idea to wear slip on shoes that are light and comfortable. You might have to take them off quickly for security checks. The most important thing is comfort. Because you will do more sitting than standing good support shoes are not necessary. Instead, wear something lighter, like sandals, for more comfort.

Take a rain coat when you travel.

You don’t know what will happen with the weather. This rain coat can make you feel very comfortable during hazardous conditions or just running around your hotel room.

Travelers frequently experience jet lag. If you get a lot of sleep leading up to the trip, you’ll experience less jet lag. In addition, do your best to get some sleep during the flight.

Take snacks on long flights. Something fresh, such as sweet fruits or crunchy veggies, can really break the monotony of the flight. It’s cheap, tasty and you know what the ingredients are!

Take with you an additional passport photo when your travel abroad. It can take quite awhile to replace a passport if it is lost. If you have an extra photo on hand, it can speed up the entire process. You should also carry any needed documentation to help you get going again.

Fly early in the day to avoid delays.

Because flights are often full, delays in one plane can cause a domino effect as the gates become crowded. The first flights will be your best bet.

When you fly, you can free yourself from dragging around your luggage. It can save unnecessary travel and time. When bringing anything, just ship your luggage via FedEx or UPS. It may be slightly more expensive, but is worth the additional investment.

Do not schedule your trip down to the minute. Stopping shouldn’t ruin your trip. It will also keep whining and grumpiness at bay.

Be up front when you buy travel insurance. Let the insurance provider know if you are sick. If you get sicker as a result of traveling, your insurance isn’t likely to cover it. This will leave you with a large medical bill to play.

If you’re taking a remote vacation, think about buying insurance that covers emergency evacuations and search and rescues. This could be a real lifesaver.

Prior to falling asleep in your hotel room, examine the alarm clock. You do not want to be awakened late at night if you need rest.

Carry any valuables you have with you at all times. Passengers come and go from buses, making it simple for someone to steal things.

If you plan going camping or hiking, be sure to keep a map handy of the surrounding area. It’s also not a bad idea to have some kind of GPS device or compass with you and to know how to use them if you get lost.

You can often save money by booking flights that have one or more connecting flights. But check the layover times to make sure that it is feasible. If the time is not long enough, you may miss the connecting flight. When layovers are for multiple hours, the wait can seem interminable.

Before you set off on a trip outside of the country, purchase an electrical adapter or voltage converter from a discount electronics store. If you wait to buy one while you are traveling, you will probably pay much more money than you would have at home.

Remember that hotels will have a lot of people staying there. Be a good travel neighbor by exercising common courtesy. Don’t shout and slam doors or stomp around. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, there’s always someone suffering from jet lag and trying to get a little sleep. You do not need to overdo it, but make sure a reasonable volume level is maintained.

Don’t let your cruise be the first place you realize that you get seasick. This can put a serious kink on your cruise plan. You will be, more than likely, sick in bed for the duration of your vacation. By knowing if you are seasick before your cruise, you can avoid illness by purchasing medication before your trip. Medication may not always be available and can often be expensive once you embark on your journey; avoid days of misery by being prepared.

When driving to the airport and parking the car, check out which lots are close to the terminal you’re traveling out of. Also, check which offer direct shuttles to those terminals and if they offer promotions or discounts when you take your trip. Then select the one that best suits your needs.

You should always carry a copy of your reservations. This will be proof in hand that you do indeed have reservations, in the event that your hotel questions them. This is a simple step that will save you a great deal of trouble. You would just need to print out all reservations, and then you put them into a folder to keep with you as you travel about.

Hopefully these tips will help give you a good foundation on what you need to know for taking a vacation. Read them carefully, and use them during the planning process.